Why Streaming Services Offer Inferior Quality, Reliability, and Overall Customer Experience


Which type of TV service offers the best level of quality, reliability and experience for both businesses and customers? Many new businesses are relying on streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, or DIRECTV Now via devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire for customer entertainment. Many disregard the fact that none of these services are licensed for public viewing or commercial use. In short they are illegal to show in a business. Many businesses still use these services regardless of the possible consequences. So how do they compare regarding picture quality, reliability and overall customer experience. Read below to find out more.

Picture Quality

For streaming services, picture quality is dependent on available bandwidth. Bandwidth is similar to internet speed and if you have other devices such as a point of sale system, cell phones, and employee devices then you have less available bandwidth and thus less bandwidth available for picture quality. Having less than HD or even less than SD picture looks sub par and will stand out to customers.


Service reliability can be affected by many things including the aforementioned available bandwidth issues created by having multiple devices on one connection. Additionally, internet service providers often throttle or slow down connections that stream video. Throttling doesn’t just slow down video, but it slows down connections on the entire network and could affect the reliability of payment systems and other internet dependent service systems.

Customer Experience

From wait times to wait staff, customers expect the best experience when they go out to eat. This also extends to watching the game. If Netflix, Youtube, or DIRECTV Now are lagging, pausing, or appear pixelated and of poor quality then customers aren’t getting the experience they are expecting.  They will go somewhere where they can watch what they want without the hassle of a poor viewing experience. Bar owners especially know that the more time a customer spends engaged in a game the longer they tend to stay and the more money the spend on higher profit items like alcohol.


Streaming services can be good options for home accounts or people who need to take their TV on the go. However, streaming services for businesses are not only illegal for commercial markets but also provide inferior overall quality, reliability and experience for you and your customers. With commercial accounts starting at just $34.99 it’s makes sense to sign up now. Call us now to set up DIRECTV at your business at 1-800-617-5860 or get a quote here.

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