How soon can you install the service?

  • In some markets we offer next day installation, but normally it takes about 3 to 4 business days.

Do I have to call in and talk to different service reps every time I have a question?

  • No. At National Satellite your account would be assigned to a specific sales/service rep.

Do I have to purchase the equipment?

  • Not usually. It is included in the package, and you own it. Please call for specific details.

Do you offer discounts for multiple locations?

  • Absolutely. We value multiple location customers, and we seek to encourage you to do business with National Satellite for all of your locations.

What makes you different than the other dealers out there? Or why should we go with you?

  • We have been the Number One Dealer for bars and restaurants since 2009. We are DIRECTV’s top producing dealer nationwide. We will install over 2000 locations in 2012.

What is the catch with the marketing included on the DIRECTV MVP.com website?

  • There is no catch, it really is free. Unless you want to customize your own materials, like cups, shirts etc., then you would pay for that customization. A listing on the exclusive DIRECT TV Sports Bar finder mobile application for iPhone and Android is a free perk for you. The amount of free stuff you get is based on what you are buying from DIRECTV. You get a $100 credit when you sign up for DIRECTV service.

Do I have to pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket in one lump sum?

  • NO, you have the option of breaking up payments over 5 months.

Do you offer internet?

  • Yes, we offer internet and phone service as an AT&T Solution Provider for Business.

Why choose National Satellite Center?

  • While other dealers will promise the world, we deliver award winning customer service. Our office combines experience and expertise in DIRECTV, which ensures you always get correct information.

Are you in the corporate office?

  • No, our main office is in Southern California. We have installers who work for us nationwide. Our dealership name is National Satellite Center. DIRECTV has dealers so that customers can have a closer relationship with DIRECTV. We do a great job servicing commercial customers.

If I place an order, can you install today?

  • No. We ship equipment by via Fed-Ex©. You should receive the equipment within two to three business days. Once you receive the equipment, call us to schedule the installation. Normally, we can schedule for the next day or two.

When do I get my 1st bill?

  • Once you are installed and activated, the first bill normally arrives a week after the installation. Afterwards, you will be receiving invoices on a month-to-month basis.

When do the discounts start?

  • DIRECTV discounts on your base package begin in Month 2. DIRECTV makes sure that all customers pay their first bill before they begin the promotional discount period. However, the four months free offer for Commercial Xtra Pack starts in Month 1. However, you have to be on a credit card auto payment for that promotion.

Is there a contract?

  • Yes. There is a two-year agreement. The first year will be the promotional rate starting in Month 2 and ending in Month 13. The second year will be the regular price. The great news is that you do not have to worry about surprise changes/charges, because you will be locked in for a two-year agreement. There are no rate increases for any DIRECTV customers under contract for the entire two years.

How much does it cost if I decide to change providers or if my business closes down?

  • If you decide to change providers or if you are going out of business, a cancellation fee will be processed. The cancellation fee is $480. The longer you stay with us, the less the cancellation fee would be. It goes down $20 per month over the 24 months.

What is the difference between DIRECTV and other providers?

  • DIRECTV offers more channels than Comcast, DISH, Time Warner, Cox etc. DIRECTV has more sports than any other provider. These benefits, in combination with our competitive pricing and quality customer service, really-really set us apart.